Mrs. Scherer's Cookie Dough Treats – we're all about the dough (and no eggs)!

The original edible cookie dough, creamy and rich served in convenient single serve cups.  We are the experts in raw cookie dough, making our product since 1991. Our cookie dough is made from all wholesome ingredients, with no preservatives, and is peanut free! Mrs. Scherer's, a mom owned company,  is now offering Cookie Dough Treats delivered to your doorsteps. Go ahead, lick the spoon!!


Our company goal is to sell enough Cookie Dough Treats that we can help solve the clean water crisis in the world through supporting World Vision.

Company Overview

Who can resist eating cookie dough? It’s a treasured memory from childhood. We waited patiently while it was being made and hoped to be handed the spoon to take a lick of the sweet dough. But, because of the guilt of eating raw dough we stopped after the first taste which was never enough. Mrs. Scherer’s Frozen Cookie Dough Treats will bring you back to those days. It’s as delicious as the cookie dough from our childhood but made without eggs so it can be consumed worry-free. Grab a spoon and safely indulge.